Giving Kids a Break


giving kids a break


Kind Quilts is a 501C-3 non-profit that works with volunteer sewers and quilters around the country to make beautiful patchwork quilts. Kind Quilts is committed to lifting the spirits of children and families in need by facilitating the production and distribution of handmade quilts created by talented volunteers who experience the joy of anonymous giving. No matter what the illness, or what charity you currently support, Kind Quilts can offer a quilt as a tangible gift of love that provides a person with comfort in times of distress. The family that receives a quilt will experience the gesture of kindness and caring and time spent making something special for them.

giving kids a break

There are 3 ways you can engage with Kind Quilts through the Giving Kids a Break program:

  1. Request a Quilt – If there is a person in your martial arts community, a student, a family member, etc. that is seriously ill, Kind Quilts will provide you with a quilt that you can present to them on behalf of your school. You can also deliver the quilts to local children in need. Take a picture and share it on social media such as Facebook or email. That’s engagement!
  2. Help Them to Find Sewers and Quilters – There are over 21 million quilters in the United States and millions more who like to sew, who would love to donate their time to make a quilt. People love to help if you just ask them. Writing a check for a charity is one thing, but where does the money go? Reach out to find sewers in your school and you know that handmade quilts will end up in the hands of a child in need.
  3. Raising Money Through The Martial Arts Community – Money you raise through a break-a-thon, kick-a-thon, whatever you do best, will help Kind Quilts buy fabric, create quilts and cover the costs of shipping. Your school’s contribution will greatly help.

Kind Quilts was started by martial artists with the understanding of challenges that school owner’s face. Lots of charities would like your support, but they fall short in helping you to engage with your students and families. As a school owner, we know you have 3 primary goals: enrollment, retention, and referrals. We believe that partnering with Kind Quilts will help your school create a stronger engagement with your students and families. Whether your school raises money, finds sewers to make guilts or delivers the quilts, your students and their families appreciate the differences that YOUR SCHOOL made in their lives!


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